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Maintaince & Support

In today's business environment, the failure of the application and downtime in servers may bring the business needs down and will frustrate the end users too. As budgets pullback and application environment becomes more complex then the experienced IT partner is required so for this type of concerns or issues, TTSPL has managed critical Applications more successfully when compared with other IT firms. We mainly work to understand the client's business and critical stage of the project that has to be delivered on time and also we understand the services of application by getting Knowledge transfer from our experienced professionals. This results in faster market opportunities, Lower the risks in projects, Low costs and it also results in achieving the long-term objectives.

At TTSPL our team follows Agile Methodology such as designing, development, analysis, Integration, Deployment, release and maintenance. In SDLC, i.e. development life cycle we work with experienced IT professionals who have in-depth knowledge of projects which they are working as well as which are planning to go for production. With our experienced professionals we can create solutions for meeting most challenging IT problems. We share our views and lessons which are learned and advise how to apply technologies in specific business needs with our experienced developers communities, technology customers.

At TTSPL our Applications such as Mainframe Applications were developed by more than 10+ years experienced professionals which helps us to maintain the business regarding the application development in an easy approach. Our Professionals are well experienced in handling situations coming to enterprise Applications such as Android, iOS as well and also simplifying the application development by some procedures such as Automatic deployment and instant code generating process.

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