Order Details

By the help of Sales Order Management Software, you can give inputs to order management process. You can input the details of payment mode and delivery mode, moreover you can denote Purchase order too.

Pending Payments Reminder

Majority of the business, runs on partial or full credit, so it is necessity to maintain an proper data of that & keep reminders for the same. Sales Order Management software, you can schedule reminders for pending payments, so that you have full idea, when & from where you have to collect the money.

Pending Documents Reminder

There are various kinds of documents, which you need to collect against the sales that you done to your customers. Our Sales Order Management Software give this convenience to store all the required documents and allows you to set reminders for their collections from the customers.

Work Order Assignment

Sales Order Management Software allows you to assign work orders from a single platform, which make your order’s dispatch and after sales process more efficient & flawless. With this you can also update work order notes in regards to the order or customer, to make it more convenient.

Product Details

By the help of Sales Order Management Software, you get this convenience of final inputs in regards to the product to make this process more smooth and flawless.

Customer Details

By the help of Sales Order Management Software, you get all the information, in regards to the customer’s details and about that individual who acted as a SPOC between you and your customer. Web-based, automated order management software that enables you to convert positive opportunities to sales orders without re-stating pricing, discount, offer and other information. Your customer service will speedily locate the order for delivery. SalesMan Sales order management software integrate your sales, finance and fulfillment teams—improving quote accuracy, eliminating billing errors, strengthening revenue recognition processes and driving fulfillment accuracy and efficiency.

Centrally manage, control and update pricing and promotions to maximize profit :

Replace your existing pricing software and promotions management architecture with SalesMan Sales Order Management Software to establish multiple price levels, customer and currency specific pricing, dollar and percentage discounts, promotion codes and transaction level gross profit analysis for a quick double-check on the effectiveness of your pricing strategy.

Automate your entire order to cash flow:

The process of taking, approving, scheduling, tracking, fulfilling and being paid for orders is the lifeblood of your business. SalesMan Sales Order Management Software provides unrivalled visibility into the process and helps automate many tasks to ensure that you are keeping your customers happy by hitting defined service levels, delivering on-time and from the most economical or geographically appropriate location.

Sales Analysis Report:

What is the trend that occur in your company sales volume over a period of time? It is easy to locate with SalesMan Sales Order Management Software reporting tool.

Delightful Customer service:

Simplify the processes and turn a negative into a positive with awesome communication and execution