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This is revolutionary technology

All things said and done; it is no simple task to create a streaming app like Netflix/Hotstar/HoiChi It requires innovation and perseverance. Use the specific features mentioned and construct the general layout. Build a revenue model that understands the age and income levels of your user base. Remember to always keep in mind the preferences of your consumers and you can make it big.

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A powerful Cloud Live HD Streaming

This is revolutionary technology to broadcast online live through a powerful Cloud based Multi Content Delivery Network(Multi-CDN) along with its Live HD Streaming hardware and software.

 Multi CDN on cloud is highly scalable network that offers live streaming of media to various fields of business with its variety of Live HD Streaming hardware and software. The IVB  interactive HD live streaming has proven its efficiency in delivering high quality streaming even at alarmingly low bandwidths with its extraordinary streaming software, Hardware and invincible network infrastructure. IVB users have all experienced the consistency, efficiency and supremacy of this interactive live HD webcasting solution

Product details:

IVB Live box Shared Server with Non-Watermarked Video player for one Year.

IVB  Studio Software for one year:

IVB Automated Receiver Box

Receiver Box  Highlights:

1. No IP Address Required

2. No Configuration Required

3. No Leased Line Required

4. Automatically provides the output when power goes off and comes Back

5. Automatically Provides the Output when Internet snaps and Comes Back

6. Automatically Provides the Output when Broadcast Stops and Starts

7. Remotely Monitor the Receiver if it is ON and OFF

8. Remotely Restart the Receiver.

10. LAN can use for Video receiving by internet



Live Video Receiving Equipment has one HDMI output with audio.

 It has one Video Composite output with stereo analog audio RCA outputs.

 Supports Live receiving of quality video without buffering from 100kbps download onwards with IVB software & CDN.

 Can be used with any USB Data Card – where internet is low.


 HDMI Output with audio.

 Composite Video with RCA.

 Stereo Audio with RCA.

 2 Nos. Of USB2.0 ports to connect Data card or mouse

 LAN port

 Power Supply – 5v DC

Used For:

 Used for Live Video Receiving the broadcast of TV Channels at remote places through internet

 Broadcast & Receive of Live News & at MSO to distribute Live video channels through internet.

 Please Note: IVB Automatic Receiver will automatically receive Video webcast through IVB software & CDN.

Facilities & Functionalities

Available in the Live Box Server on Plan (For One Year)

Type of Streaming Server Single streaming Account

Number of channel RTMP Streaming URL Provided

 Bandwidth Speed Connectivity (MBPS) 100

Streaming Bandwidth Allocation 2 TB/ Month (for 24×7 continue)

Transcoding Player Setup (Multibitrate) provided

 MSO, Facebook ,YouTube & All Social Media Distribution links.

 Multiple RTMP & Chat code Generator facility

Mobile Streaming App Provided

Server IP & Domain Restriction Facility Provided

 Server RTMP Streaming Restriction Facility Provided 

Viewers Report Generator  

Inbuilt Playout Software Provided 

Licensed IVB Live Streaming Software Provided

Single RTMP With multiple third party Software ( Phone & Email Support Provided )

Multi-Channel Live Mixing Software Provided

Unlimited Phone and Remote Desktop Support provided

4K & HD Broadcasting 1920 x1080 Supported

Non-water marked Video Player & Non Flash White Label Flash Free Video Player provided

Receiver Flow Control ( Start -Stop-Restart ) monitor Control panel Facility Provided


Mobile App Supported Auto Generator Code Provided Facility ( RTMP/ M3U8 )


Very simple Implementation

Clients side required hardware

Requirements for IVB cable unit Webcaster Kit:

PC/Laptop with i7, window 7/8/10, 8 GB RAM  (Scheduling and play box and editing Mixing)

Good Internet connection

Ordering IVB Hardware Equipment,

Activation of Portal, software, Domain & Streaming Bandwidth will be done within 48 hours on confirmation during working days

Hardware Delivery period – Ten working days Max




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Key Takeaways

All things said and done; it is no simple task to create a streaming app like Netflix. It requires innovation and perseverance. Use the specific features mentioned and construct the general layout. Build a revenue model that understands the age and income levels of your user base. Remember to always keep in mind the preferences of your consumers and you can make it big like Netflix!





Video streaming applications

Video streaming applications have taken the market by storm and captivated the attention of the world, while television is quietly dying. It is no wonder that one ends up being fascinated by the inner workings; behind the scenes of the giants like Netflix. Let’s check here how to create a video streaming app like Netflix and how much does it cost to develop.

In the past decade, video streaming apps like Netflix have penetrated all lifestyles to the extent that it is almost universal. In the United States, the number of digital video viewers is projected to be 236 million by 2020, and streaming apps like Netflix has caused digital video penetration to rise to a whopping 83.8%.

There is no doubt from statistics that the reach of streaming apps like Netflix is truly global, as Saudi Arabia leads digital video penetration at 95% as of January of 2018. The number of people indifferently snipping the TV cable wire is increasing exponentially, as video streaming app features allow for far more comfort and practical convenience.

The quality of Netflix content is a readily apparent allure that cannot be ignored. However, what is the most riveting video streaming app feature for viewers is the amount of control they have on what they want to watch as opposed to classic television.

Furthermore, according to recent market studies, more than half the videos on Netflix were watched on mobile devices, as mobility allows for great recreation even while watching.

As a result of this, the market for streaming apps like Netflix is a never-ending brisk torrent of consumers. There’s no better time to learn how to create a video streaming website like Netflix!

Video streaming app features and their “X Factor”

What features are especially pleasing the consumer base? It’s important to pick apart and pinpoint specific video streaming app features when learning how to make a video streaming website like Netflix.

  • Supported by numerous platforms

The app should be available for the widest range of platforms possible. However, it is extremely beneficial to be vigilant of the viewers’ response to each of the various platforms, as it may

help decide new pricing options. A great example of this is Netflix’s new mobile streaming option for Rs 199 in India. This was made available as the other plans involving several devices were perceived to be too expensive, at Rs 499, Rs 649, and Rs 799. This was introduced after careful consideration of repeated cold customer feedback about expensive pricing.

  • Distinct design

In order to create a streaming app like Netflix, you should develop a design distinguishable from competitors. Bringing uniqueness to your app will create more demand and worth spending a decent amount of time for entertainment.

  • Content suggestions and the “skip” button

The addition of the “skip recap” and “skip intro” buttons on Netflix created quite a buzz on twitter for accurately premeditating solutions to viewers’ frustrations. Such a video streaming app features teach the gravity of understanding a users’ psychology while making your app. You are required to put a lot of thought process into how you would feel while using your own app. And you can use your own feedback while you create your own Netflix app or website. The user’s interface would require a lot of innovation to enrapture the currently intoxicated consumers. Don’t forget to tag content properly so that suggestions are associated with the viewers’ tastes, uses Cine Match software to recommend shows according to your preferences.

  • Quality and quantity of content

The product itself is, of course, quite significant when learning how to start a streaming service. Be prudent about your content, and you can target a niche and earn a lot of business, for example, Crunchyroll. Crunchyroll is a streaming service similar to Netflix that offers Japanese animated content. Before Netflix ventured into anime sensing the untapped potential, Crunchyroll was the only site where anime watchers could access anime content legally, and thus became a successful business.

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Specific benefits of a video streaming app like netflix

Using video streaming app features to the advantage of production companies that work with you is a smart idea. To create a streaming app like Netflix involves having to entice your viewers to keep them watching. To this end, there are several benefits for consumers using a video streaming app, and you should aim to maximize them.

  • Mobile Streaming

You have to expand your business model to specifically cater to mobile audiences, as this is a huge chunk of your consumer base. About 50% of all mobile devices are now equipped with high-end resolution streaming. Therefore there is always a constant demand for content.

  • Notifications on mobile

Almost all your users have smartphones and are always online. Periodic notifications can help keep them excited and interested in the product.

  • Share what you are watching

Social media is at the center of marketing now, and it is important to factor it into your business model. A feature to share a live video of the show you are watching could be used to post stories on Instagram or snaps on Snapchat.

  • Subscriptions

This may be a simple feature, but it is easy and convenient for the company to earn revenue, and also for the consumer to pay for the product.

  • Local storage

A consumer may have many complains about the internet quality in certain real-life situations. And so offering downloadable content is a delightful way to balance that scenario. The local storage feature on video stream apps can come in handy and helpful.

  • Gathering feedback for production companies

It can be difficult for production companies to gauge the reaction of fan bases to certain writing decisions. Video stream apps that allow for forums or user polls can bridge the gap between viewer and producer. App analytics tools can also track watch time and estimate user engagement for various shows.

  • Social features for community building

The aforementioned features like forums and user polls can also help create a sense of community on the platform and can help keep your customers coming. However, this is a two-edged sword as toxic online communities can also turn off viewers. Regulate these features carefully and make decisions on how much space and significance it must be given.

  • Integrated login

This is also a feature that enables convenience and is beneficial to consumers by keeping them logged in on frequently used devices, and beneficial to video streaming apps like Netflix by retaining viewers.

  • Picture-in-picture and background mode

The latest smartphones are built powerfully and can accommodate users that may want to do something in between a long show or a podcast. Here’s when a picture-in-picture or background mode can come into play. To be able to minimize the app to cover only part of the screen (or none for audio content) is very beneficial to users.

  • Unique Content

Let the content in your app be exhibited categorically and be accessible without much effort on the user’s interface. And most importantly, focus on whatever niche you want to target like Crunchyroll, or think carefully about the sort of shows you want your platform to host.

 Other popular streaming apps

Netflix has been the major focus of this article, but there are other streaming apps like Netflix that are just as successful or notorious:

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime is one of the most popular streaming apps, but we have to take into consideration that it also offers free delivery on the Amazon Shopping app and access to Amazon photos, music and Kindle at the price of 99$ annually. Videos can also be saved offline on the Amazon app, and users are grateful for this. It is clear to see why Amazon Prime Video is popular.


HBO pioneered streaming premium content online. The demand for their shows is sustained as they have an established user base. We all are, of course aware of their smashing hits like Game of Thrones that first got users to subscribe to their online streaming service. HBO is a testament to the fact that your product makes all the difference.



Twitch has seen unprecedented success in the gaming video streaming sphere. A major distinction between this and the aforementioned streaming apps is the ability to create and stream content yourself. Many viewers feel a special affinity for streamers because of the personalized format.

How to create a streaming app like Netflix

Netflix offers the largest content on-demand streaming service in the world. To create a streaming app like Netflix, you must:

  • Cook up a strategy in regards to content and users interface
  • Prepare a revenue model. Typically this is either commercials or subscriptions
  • Utilize tech stack to create a streaming app like Netflix
  • Add distinct features and build the foundation of your app
  • Design the website to have a unique look
  • Keep up with rapidly changing viewers’ tastes and remember the tips mentioned here

How much does it cost to develop a streaming app like Netflix

App features, app design and content on the platform are all factors that can affect the cost of creating your own Netflix. Therefore, there is no uniform answer to this question. However, if you are looking for the cheapest options to develop an app, there are DIY options available in web designing services online, that can go as low as 15$. However, depending on the growth aims and potential of your business, and the number employed, costs may eventually rise for maintaining and upgrading your app.


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