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Serve 250+ schools, 100+ collage and 8 University in INDIA as well other Country like China, US.

The Education industry is on edge of a radical change. The need of manpower is increasing with the growth in the Education industry, and a huge demand-supply gap is expected in the education space. To overcome challenges stemming of such gaps, this industry needs IT solutions to manage its resources with optimal efficiency and proper planning.
IMSLive School – A ‘S-a-a-S’ based educational ERP solution using innovative Cloud technology for high-end performance and unbreakable security. For the schools, it is a complete application which helps to upgrade the standard of any school not only in the management level but also helps in transforming the educational standards, increases the security system of the school, manages the resources in an efficient way, reduces the communication gap between the parents, faculties and management team, provides complete IT infrastructure to the schools like RFID student attendance system with access cards, biometric or face recognizer for faculty attendance, vehicle tracking system with fuel, speed, ignition, distance monitoring tools, tablets with interactive e-content, access to 2500+ courses video content, 85000+ video lectures with online exam and skill-developing activities.
IMSLive School can be used by any school. Being a web-based application, ERP can be accessed from anywhere at any time. The ERP is very much dynamic where maximum things can be configured as per the school’s requirement. But still, if some rules in the school are very much specific then we work to customize the rules in the ERP without changing the working environment.
IMSLive School is a single interface to every requirement of a school. Why use separate applications to manage a single school when there is a single application to manage the complete school with 180 power tools integrated in 39 different modules in a single ERP which will make any school look really international.


Management Benefits
•Multiple payment gateways PayTM, EBS & PayU
•Zero setup cost
•Very minimum transactional amount for parents less than any payment gateway providers.
•Parents paying fee online will reduce fee counter queue in institution thus reducing resource, time and money.
•Payment made by parents will be automatically deposited in the institution bank account and an auto voucher will be generated thus reducing the time for a finance manager.
•From ERP automatically fee receipt will be emailed to parents email id, thus reducing paperwork.
•Proper report of all the transaction can be viewed from the ERP (even the failure reports).
•Can sell admission brochure online thus saving printing cost and reaching more parents. Also this will save time to enter student information because parents are filling the form themselves.
•Admission and fee pay is now a 24/7 service.
•Can make school items like uniform, books, monogram, stationary online
•Needs only 15 working days to make it functional.
•Very minimum paper work to get RBI permission for institution’s proposal payment gateway.

Parents Benefits
•No need to travel to pay fee, thus saving time and money.
•No need to wait in queue to pay fee, thus saving time.
•Getting proper fee deposit reports in the ERP.
•Getting on call support for any payment related issue.
•More authentic way to pay fee.
•Can pay fee or process admission at any time, making the functionality a 24/7 process.
•Other than fee can purchase school items like the uniform, books, monogram, stationary online after proper selection

On Premise Desktop/Server install
IMS Prime School/IMS Prime Institute
Software installed on institute server, thus extra cost of server, maintenance & manpower
ERP resides on Cloud Server
Non secure even after high cost firewall, maintenance & manpower
Cloud server security with 176 database server, highly encrypted
Once load increases performance will reduces. Need extra resources to stable the performance
100% uptime being in Cloud server and always stable performance with automatic allocation of resources once load increases
Local network
Internet – Any time any where
Low with high maintenance
100% uptime without any maintenance cost
Manual/schedule on server
Automatic daily backup with high level security
Low with additional space required
Highly scalable & no charge except license fee
Low – High traffic usage can cause resources allocation problems
Dynamic resource allocation thus hassle free usage
Slow, manual, self responsibility for configuration
Rapid, we are providing ready ERP with configuration, data migration, working environment analysis, customization etc
Support & Patch Deployment
Slow – Manual on premise
Quick – remote
Manual, on premise with extra cost
Report without any extra cost
50-70% advance
License based, no advance
Various vendor and application required to provide a complete solution, service and hardware
A single window with all requirements related to IT.

SaaS Architecture Shift

 Educational ERP supports two kinds of SaaS model

1)Single Instance and Shared Database – All the schools will share the same instance of application and all schools data will be stored in the same database instance but separated using security mechanism

2) Separate Instance and Separate Database – A school can be set up on a dedicated instance of the application using dedicated instance of database but this dedicated cloud setup will be high on cost.