Billing Management System

Our team enjoyed discussing the opportunity to assist you in developing and Customization a plan to increase your productivity. As we agreed, we began work on this GST Accounting project. We are submitting a proposed action plan for your review. Goals/Objectives As you requested, our goal will be to develop a plan and present you with a number of recommendations to increase your productivity and cut cost and improve your cost management retention by the next year. This GST software will be accomplished through the following steps:
  1. An analysis of the recruitment practices in this area.
  2. A survey of a current and past issue about effectiveness etc.
This project will provide you with support and guidance in reaching your goals for effectiveness. Please call me at +91 822 999 7171 with any comments and suggestions for this project. If this proposal meets with your approval, please authorize by signing below and revert as early as possible. Why Topflow Technology Services Pvt. Ltd.  Billing Management System A billing system is an Error Free Powerful product. Years of Excellence in Software Development. On-site/Telephonic/Remote Desktop Support. Billing system is designed with 2018 Technologies. Billing system is developed by studying the minute details of Business for last 7 years. Topflow Technology Services Pvt. Ltd.  Is a software and web development company having its clients Across INDIA, UK & China. We realize the importance of hi –tech Electronics software due to newer technological invention and promise to cater a high quality and effective software solution. Our mission is to provide you with best software that not only make your work easy and speedy                but will also help you get free out of your major business work. Topflow software House Is having a highly qualified dedicated team to support you.

Major benefits

Graphical Look &Feel.  Multi-Tasking.  Quality Laser Printing.  Dot Matrix Printer Supported.  Fastest &Smooth  Entries .
  1. GST
 Ready For GST.  One tax. One Nation. One Market  GST Returns
 Report Viewing On Internet.  Email / Fax /SMS Of Reports &Bills
 200+ Reports.  Information Panel In Sales /Purchase   Stock Updation/ Verification  File Attachments.
 Old Software Data can Be Easily Transferred  Very Tight Security.  Parallel Separate             Hard disk Back Up
 Strong Sub dealer Management.  Strong Godown Management
  1. Most of the LANGUAGE
 Gujarati/Bengali Printing Of      Party Name & Address   Used In Sales Bill /Memo /  Package Slip Printing
-Barcode – Digital Camera -PDA -Scanner -Mobile -WebCam  -Fax  
2) Inventory Management Yes Yes
3) Reporting Yes Yes
4) Data Security & Accuracy Yes Yes
5) Monthly GST Report Yes Yes
6) GST returns Yes Yes
7) Financial Management Yes Yes
8) Billing & Invoicing Yes Yes
9) Purchase Management Yes Yes
10) Sales Analyses Report Yes Yes
11) Hard disk crashes doesn’t affect data Yes Yes
12) No Anti-virus software needed Yes Yes
13) Ideal for multi-branch Yes Yes
14) Low price Yes No
15) Multi tasking Yes No
16) On- Site/Telephonic/Remote Desktop Support. Yes   No
17) New Development Technologies Yes No
18) Mobile App Integration Yes No
19) Fast Entry Modules Yes No